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Discover the Enchanting Bi Color Tourmaline at RMC Gems!

  • by Raj Kumar
Discover the Enchanting Bi Color Tourmaline at RMC Gems!

Unveil the allure of the mesmerizing Bi Color Tourmaline, now gracing the collection at RMC Gems. Prepare to be enchanted by its radiant hues and impeccable brilliance, making it a true masterpiece of nature's creation.

Gemstone Details:

  • Color: Bi Color
  • Size: 12.7X11.2X6.6 MM
  • Cutting: Brilliant
  • Luster: Excellent
  • Weight: 6.60 CTS
  • Number of Pieces: 1 PCS
  • Stone: Bi Color Tourmaline
  • Treatment: No
  • Stone Shape: Oval
  • Country of Origin: Brazil

At RMC Gems, our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices shines as brightly as our gemstones. Each piece is meticulously sourced with a profound respect for the environment and the communities involved in the process.

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Embrace the beauty of responsibly sourced gemstones with RMC Gems. Hurry, before this captivating Bi Color Tourmaline finds a new home! 

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Advantages of Bi-Color Tourmaline:

  1. Unique Color Play: Bi-Color Tourmaline displays a captivating blend of two distinct colors in one stone, creating a striking visual effect that sets it apart from other gemstones.
  2. Versatility: Its dual-color nature makes it a versatile gemstone that can complement a wide range of jewelry designs, from elegant to contemporary.
  3. Rare and Exquisite: Bi-Color Tourmaline is relatively rare, adding to its allure and making it a prized addition to any gemstone collection.
  4. Energetic Properties: In the world of crystal healing, Tourmaline is believed to have various energetic properties, such as promoting balance, creativity, and protection.

Healing properties of bi-color tourmaline

The healing properties of Bi-Color Tourmaline include promoting balance in the heart and helping masculine and feminine energies coexist

Additionally, Bi-Color Tourmaline combines the energies of both colors present, with green for self-healing and issues related to the physical body, and pink for matters of the heart and love

This gemstone is believed to encourage self-confidence and balance, making it a valuable addition for emotional well-being and energy alignment.

How to clean and care for bi-color tourmaline

To clean and care for Bi-Color Tourmaline, it is recommended to use warm, soapy water as the best method for cleaning this gemstone

Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners, as they are not suitable for cleaning tourmaline

Additionally, it is crucial to keep Bi-Color Tourmaline away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading and alteration caused by the sun's ultraviolet radiation

Furthermore, exposure to extreme heat should be avoided, as it can damage the gemstone and distort its original color

Remember to take your Bi-Color Tourmaline jewelry to a professional jeweler at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning and inspection to maintain its brilliance and beauty.

How can bi-color tourmaline be used for self-healing

Bi-Color Tourmaline can be used for self-healing by combining the energies of both colors present in the gemstone. The green color is associated with self-healing and issues related to the physical body, while the pink color is linked to matters of the heart and love

This combination helps in balancing and aligning the energies within the body, promoting overall well-being and healing. Bi-Color Tourmaline, particularly the green variety, is known for centering energy at the heart chakra, bringing wholeness and aiding in self-healing processes

By harnessing the properties of Bi-Color Tourmaline, individuals can focus on healing physical ailments, emotional imbalances, and promoting a sense of harmony within themselves.


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