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Spectacular 44.22 CT Rubellite Cushion Gemstone

  • by Rajesh Kumar
Spectacular 44.22 CT Rubellite Cushion Gemstone

Rubellite 44.22 CT Cushion

This magnificent rubellite gemstone, weighing an impressive 44.22 carats, boasts a stunning cushion cut, measuring 22.40x22.40x13.50 millimeters.

Its deep, rich hue combined with the brilliance of its cut make it a truly exceptional piece. Rubellite, a variety of tourmaline, is renowned for its intense red coloration, which can range from pinkish-red to deep crimson.

Color: Red
Size: 22.40x22.40x13.50 MM
Cuttings: Brilliant
Luster: Excellent
Weight: 44.22 CTS
Number of Pieces: 1 PCS
Stone Shape: Cushion
Country of Origin: Africa
Clarity: I - Included
Treatment: None

This gemstone's large size and vibrant color make it a captivating centerpiece for any jewelry piece, promising to add sophistication and allure to any collection.

At shoprmcgems, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable practices. Each gemstone is sourced with care and integrity, ensuring not only exceptional beauty but also peace of mind for our customers.

Don't miss the opportunity to make this exquisite gem yours! 

Rubellite 44.22 CT Cushion

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