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Mystic Topaz® Care Guide

(This is a guide, individual results may vary)
Polishing or Buffing will damage Surface Enhancement!
Do NOT Polish of Buff Gemstone!

Azotic LLC enhances the surface of the gemstone to improve the optical properties of natural or man-made gemstones. The properties of the individual gemstone (quality of substrate, faceting, cut and polish) will affect the finished product. When setting the Azotic® Designer Enhanced Gemstones into Jewelry, the jewelry manufacturer should take care in the training of the employees. The manufacturer should emphasize that the Azotic® Designer Enhanced Gemstones are to be treated as you would an opal or a pearl. Education is the key to success at this stage. Abrasive cloths may scratch the Azotic® enhanced surface of the gemstone. This influences the color and clarity of the gemstone. When setting the jewelry, all work should be done to the jewelry prior to placing the Azotic® enhanced gemstone into the setting. This will assure no damage is done to the Azotic® enhanced gemstone.

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