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Bicolor Tourmaline - A fantastic designer gemstone

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Bicolor Tourmaline - A fantastic designer gemstone

Bicolor Tourmaline is an unusual, fascinating gemstone. This this type of tourmaline actually contains a "gradient" of colors. A stained navy blue on one side, shifting to red on the other. As you can imagine, these very interesting gemstones are very much in demand from jewelers, collectors, and designers.

This type of tourmaline incorporates a virtual rainbow of colors, from pale tones to quite solid colors. At one of the reasons it's so useful in design; a necklace, call rates, or other type of jewellery can be quite literally color-coordinated using bicolor tourmaline.

Carat size matters

Another, very useful fact for jewelers is that bicolour tourmaline comes in a very wide range of sizes. This is particularly important for designers, who may need to cut the stained to a variety of shapes and sizes. So a bicoloured gemstone can deliver a lot of value in many different ways.

These very high quality gemstones offer a fantastic range of design choices, from simple pendants to highly complex designer pieces. Bicolour tourmaline can be sourced in any range of sizes, from 10 carats to 50 carats, and prices are naturally based on stone quality.

Finding the right bicolour tourmaline

the main problem, in fact, with finding bicolour tourmaline is the range of choices available from any given supplier. This gemstone is also slightly unusual in that a lot of the demand comes from top-of-the-line professional jewelers.

Being gemstones, one of the basic facts in jewellery supply is a major factor. Good gemstones come on the market when available. This means that supply may vary, a lot, over any given time period.

For finding top-quality bicolour tourmaline the best advice is:

  • Check the biggest suppliers first. This will give you a fairly clear indication of what's available, market-wide. The range of gemstones is also much wider with bigger businesses, giving you a far wider spread of choices.
  • Check gemstone availability. If you don't check, finding your bicolour tourmaline could be an expensive, time-consuming guessing game. Turnover usually dictates what is advertised for sale online. With bicolour tourmaline, turnover is usually far more of a factor than the price. This is an upmarket gemstone, and therefore behaves differently in the market. What's available today may not be available tomorrow.
  • Above all, talk to the suppliers. Gemstones are unique product, and like any unique product, what you see online is a moving target. It's a good idea to establish a relationship with the supplier, at least to the point of discussing your needs. For example – If you need a high carat bicolour tourmaline you will need to be very clear about exactly what you want. Talking to suppliers will save you a lot of time.

SHOPRMCGEMS has a truly fantastic range of bicolour tourmaline, in a huge range of different sizes and colours. If you'd like to find out more about our beautiful range of bicolour tourmaline, call us or contact us online. We'll be happy to assist and provide any guidance you need.

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