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Discover the Allure of This Exquisite Yellow Tourmaline

  • by Rajesh Kumar
Discover the Allure of This Exquisite Yellow Tourmaline

Stunning Yellow Tourmaline!

Yellow Tourmaline 9.45 Cts 18.6X12X7 MM Pear Cut. Mined In Brazil.

Additional Info

  • Color: Green / Yellow
  • Size: 18.6X12X7 MM
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Luster: Excellent
  • Weight: 9.45 CTS
  • Number of Pieces: 1 PCS
  • Stone: Green Tourmaline
  • Treatment: No Treatment
  • Stone Shape: Pear
  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Clarity: IF - Internally Flawless

Discover the Allure of This Exquisite Yellow Tourmaline

This stunning Yellow Tourmaline, weighing 9.45 carats and boasting a captivating pear cut, is a true masterpiece of nature. Mined in the picturesque lands of Brazil, this gemstone exhibits a mesmerizing blend of green and yellow hues, evoking the finest colors of nature.

The dimensions of 18.6x12x7 mm ensure that this gem stands out in any collection, with its brilliant cut enhancing its natural luster to an excellent degree. This singular piece, untreated and internally flawless (IF), guarantees unparalleled clarity and purity, making it a prized possession for any gemstone enthusiast.

RMC GEMS Thai Co., Ltd. - Commitment to Quality and Ethics

At RMC GEMS Thai Co., Ltd., we meticulously source and craft each gemstone with a keen eye for detail, ensuring not only its beauty but also its sustainability. Our commitment to ethical practices and responsible sourcing means that you are not just purchasing a gemstone but investing in a symbol of elegance and conscience.

We take pride in our dedication to sustainability, offering gemstones that reflect both style and environmental responsibility. This Yellow Tourmaline is a testament to our mission, combining natural beauty with ethical craftsmanship.

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Adorn yourself with this symbol of natural beauty and ethical craftsmanship. The Yellow Tourmaline is now available for purchase. Elevate your collection with a gemstone that reflects both style and sustainability.

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