Morganite – Not Just a Pretty Stone, a Dazzling Success
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Morganite – Not Just a Pretty Stone, a Dazzling Success

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Morganite – Not Just a Pretty Stone, a Dazzling Success
Morganite is an unusual gemstone. It fits into a unique part of the color spectrum, somewhere between pink and a lustrous brown. It's an excellent refractive stone, multifaceted, and quite literally goes with everything, from diamonds to gold.

This extraordinary color range makes morganite a particularly useful design gemstone. One of its other exceptional features is that it is surprisingly adaptable to just about any type of gemstone cut, from cushion to oval to very large carat custom designs.

Morganite is one of the beryl family of gemstones, like aquamarine, tourmaline, and emeralds. Unlike some of the other stones, however, morganite can also be semi-translucent, making an excellent "lighting" gemstone. This characteristic also means that it can match with classic stones like diamonds very effectively.

Morganite in the marketplace
Morganite can be purchased as loose stones, sets, and in collections. Whatever your purchasing requirements, you'll be surprised at the sheer scope of gemstone designs available.

Morganite is not a particularly cheap gemstone, (very) roughly averaging approximately $100 per carat. If you're looking for morganite, it is well worth your while to visit large-scale suppliers. This is a good way of familiarising yourself with the gemstone, and also getting a clearer picture of prices for gemstone sizes.

For consumers, the good news is that there is a fantastic range of designs, cuts, and sometimes very competitive pricing. This very beautiful gemstone is well worth exploring and taking the time to see all possibilities.

For businesses, morganite is a particularly worthwhile and valuable gemstone. Due to its exceptional range of uses, and easy cutting, many jewelers monitor the market for the best deals.

There's a good reason for this level of interest – Morganite is an excellent accompaniment to such a vast range of multi-gemstone designs, the level of demand is extremely high. This is the gemstone which is able to shine and look good with some of the world's most demanding jewelry designs.

The beautiful color of morganite can work with any combination of colors and look fantastic. Very few other gemstones can do that, and none of the other gemstones have this range of colors.

Shopping for morganite?

If you're looking for morganite, or would like to know more about this extraordinary gemstone, a little advice:
1. Browse by gemstone size. This is the simplest and most efficient way to learn about design options and prices.

2. Look at the different gemstone design cuts. Morganite is extremely adaptable for any type of design, and can be cut into exceptionally beautiful configurations.

3. Pay particular attention to the larger carat designs. These designs are unique, very versatile, and often stunning. These larger carat designs are great for centrepiece custom jewelry in particular.

Like some help sourcing the morganite you want?

RMC is a full spectrum jewelry supplier to businesses and consumers. If you'd like some assistance with finding morganite gems, or would like to ask questions, just contact us. We'll be happy to assist with any guidance you need, and professional expert advice..

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