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Multi Tourmaline, a DIY rainbow for jewelry design

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Multi Tourmaline, a DIY rainbow for jewelry design

Tourmaline is one of the most versatile gemstones in the world. Multi tourmaline, as the name suggests, is a very broad mix of colors, and exceptionally popular with jewelry designers.

It's so popular, in fact, that it’s frequently sold out. Multi tourmaline is typically sold by carat weight. This type of tourmaline is sold on a standardized quality scale in a range of sizes. Purchasing options include loose stones, beads, and a wide variety of different cuts.

Pricing for multi tourmaline is in the mid-range bracket. By tourmaline standards, it is not particularly expensive. Small cut stones have an average price of $20-$30 per carat as a very rough guide.

The design factor

Multi tourmaline’s claim to exceptional status is based on its sheer versatility in design. These gemstones can be cut In any form, from conventional styles to free-form. The vast range of colors offers an entire spectrum for designers. Tourmaline is particularly effective as a design element in all types of jewelry, from formal jewelry to the most advanced designs.

That's one of the reasons for the high turnover in multi tourmaline stocks. The stones are incredibly useful for designers, providing excellent choices of design elements. Multi tourmaline is widely used in modern jewelry design, in particular, making it very popular and in some cases an essential component of these designs.

For example – When creating a jewelry setting, contrast and complementary colors are primary considerations. Multi tourmaline provides the entire range of requirements, including size, color range, and above all, quality.

Sourcing multi tourmaline

The problem for purchasers is that sources of multi tourmaline, particularly in sufficient quantity, need to be reliable. This is one of the few gemstones in the world which routinely has exceptionally high turnover, so suppliers must be able to provide pretty much anything and everything as required.

Jewelers can’t just guess about what stones are available for a design. They certainly can't guess about gemstone quality, either. That means the best way to source multi tourmaline is to find a major supplier which can provide any gemstones they need.

Bearing in mind the very wide range of uses of multi tourmaline, best practice is pretty easy to define:

  • The supplier must have a full spectrum of multi tourmaline stones in appropriate commercial quantities.
  • Gemstone quality must be unquestionably good and consistent.
  • Prices must be consistently margin-positive, allowing jewelers to market competitively online and in-store.
  • Professional standard support must be available, in order to discuss supply needs and technical issues regarding gemstones.

This is the best way to buy multi tourmaline on an ongoing commercial basis. Because these gemstones are often used as peripheral parts of designs, and/or feature gemstones within the designs, a good regular supplier is a major asset.

RMC is the world's largest supplier of tourmaline gemstones. If you're trying to find a straightforward, simple way of accessing tourmaline, we can definitely help you with that. Our expert team can also provide useful technical support and market guidance, as required. Just give us a call or contact us online for any information you need.

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