Paraiba Tourmaline – A unique spectrum for a rare gem
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Paraiba Tourmaline – A unique spectrum for a rare gem

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Paraiba Tourmaline – A unique spectrum for a rare gem
Paraiba Tourmaline is famous for its broad blue-green spectrum and surprisingly, it's more expensive than many gems on the market. It can fetch up to $100,000 per carat. The equally famous "neon blue" and other colors are apparent even in the raw stones.

This color range is one of the reasons for Paraiba Tourmaline's popularity. In jewelry design, color is a critical major asset. The unique spectrum of Paraiba Tourmaline makes it stand out. It goes brilliantly with other gems, and work well as a standalone centrepiece.

The raw stones occur in an interesting variety of colors and textures from very deep blue to a very pale sea green. This makes them excellent for creative design. A good example of the extreme versatility of these stones is the sheer scope and range of different designs and cuts add partial and multiple carat sizes.

Paraiba Tourmaline – The jeweler's friend in so many ways

Looking good isn't Paraiba Tourmaline's only claim to fame, though. One of the most important properties of any gemstone is how the gems can be cut. Paraiba Tourmaline ticks all the boxes. It can be cut In any range of designs, and most importantly, cuts can be scaled to both small and large sizes.

One of the extraordinary things about Paraiba Tourmaline is that it can be sourced in surprisingly pure stones and in large sizes. When these stones are cut, the offcuts also produce valuable (and workable) secondary pieces. That's important when you're paying big money for a single raw gemstone. Paraiba Tourmaline delivers value on all scales of cut.

Paraiba Tourmaline also works very well with other gemstones and particularly well with the ever-popular other tourmalines. Multifaceted cuts and good color selection can achieve truly stunning jewelry designs, from basic rings complex sets.

Paraiba Tourmaline on the market

Paraiba Tourmaline

In market terms, Paraiba Tourmaline has another major recommendation – It's a high-value/high demand asset for modern design. Modern jewelry is constantly experimenting with new designs. A good, reliable gemstone with many different cuts and design options is therefore a very useful, efficient design choice for professional jewelers.

If you're thinking that this degree of flexibility and adaptability makes Paraiba Tourmaline an excellent commercial option, you're quite right. With the very high demand for custom jewelry in the upscale markets, Paraiba Tourmaline is very much in demand.

Sourcing Paraiba Tourmaline

Whether you're a business or a private buyer, sourcing Paraiba Tourmaline requires some thought. The best options are:

1. Look for a supplier with a very broad range of Paraiba Tourmaline stones.
2. The variety of cuts and stone sizes is important; a good supplier will have an excellent range.
3. Prices do matter. A supplier which can offer significant discounts is a useful find.

SHOPRMCGEMS can help with a fabulous range of Paraiba Tourmaline in a broad bandwidth of carat sizes. Talk to our expert that your needs, and we'll be happy to assist with practical help and advice in sourcing top-quality Paraiba Tourmaline for you.

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