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Pink Morganite – The secret of the fabulous gems

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Pink Morganite – The secret of the fabulous gems

Morganite is one of the most popular gems with jewelers, excellent in any design context, and, well, stylish in so many ways. What most people don’t know about morganite is that it is a particularly useful design element in many upmarket designs.

Top brands and high-end retailers use morganite in just about all types of jewelry design. This extremely versatile gemstone is particularly popular in mainstream market where it is used as an excellent complement to very high-value centerpiece gemstones of all kinds.

Market appeal

Morganite is one of the unsung heroes of the jewelry business. Pink morganite in particular is extremely effective as a very high quality gemstone in top level designs. The unique color, combined with other gemstones is truly striking. Pink morganite comes in a band with shades, from an almost fluorescent pink to a pale, elegant more neutral tone.

For a gemstone that isn’t really all that well-known outside the jewelry trade, morganite is surprisingly popular. This is particularly true of the online market, where people are shopping for special gems and are only too happy to snap up a bargain.

Interestingly, the story with morganite is that it is popular both as a standalone gemstone and as a loose gemstone, both with jewelers and consumers. Loose gemstones are much in demand as both loose stones and special cuts. Small or even larger stones can be used as replacement pieces as well.

Pink morganite cuts in jewelry design and costs

Pink morganite can be cut into just about all classical design shapes. Shapes range from the traditional oval and cushion cuts to unique heart-shaped designs in just about any carat size imaginable. This really is “best practice” commercial acquisition, and it pays for itself almost Immediately.

 From a purely commercial perspective, the range of cuts available in morganite is very interesting. That’s particularly relevant, given the somewhat “eclectic” range of prices available for high-carat gemstones on the market. Don’t get lost in the market hype! It’s quite possible to get a wide range of pre-cut morganite gemstones of any size and shape at a decent price.

A reliable cost base is critically important for jewelers. Pink morganite is not actually cheap In the open market. Prices can vary considerably, and price variations can easily blow out the cost of a jewelry range. The best purchasing option is to secure a reliable supplier with high-quality stones and regular discounts.

RMC Gems services and resources

If you’re looking for some help with your personal jewelry or acquisitions for your business, talk to us. We can help you with bulk gemstones, special gemstones, and everything else you need. Our expert staff will be happy to assist. We can also help with gemstone specifications, special design requirements, and certification.

We have a fabulous range of pink morganite and other Stones available in our Exclusive Collections. Feel free to call and ask us for any information or services that you need.

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