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Rubellite, the Designer's Choice Gemstone

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Rubellite, the Designer's Choice Gemstone

Rubellite is one of the tourmaline family, so called because of its resemblance to rubies. Unlike rubies, however, rubellite is a true designer-standard, all-rounder for all types of Jewelry design. It also has its own unique color spectrum, adding further versatility to its design options.

If you’re unfamiliar with rubellite, some basic facts:

  • Rubellite includes a unique color spectrum, including a red wine-colored tone.
  • Rubellite, like ruby, can be Into practically any modern or traditional gemstone confederation, from basic cushion and octagon to solid, rather stunning, single pieces.
  • Despite the name, rubellite and ruby differ considerably in terms of design functions. Due to different crystallization and different light refraction, rubellite is typically used as a different gemstone, rather than as a “replacement” for rubies.

Rubellite Tourmaline

A unique gemstone

Rubellite is typically used as a red-spectrum design element. Ironically, it fills several design niches which rubies can’t fill. Rubies tend to be somewhat darker, with different crystalline formations. This means that rubellite offers different design options in choice of color, light refraction and as a component of different mixes of gemstones in designs.

These factors are one of the reasons for the prevalence of rubellite in many modern Jewelry designs. Rubellite compares very well to classic rubies in design terms, and is easily adaptable to any Jewelry style.

To give some idea of the enormous scope of the design range of rubellite –

  • A multi-tier, multi-gemstone design will typically include rubellite as either a centrepiece or as adornment on a motif.
  • Rubellite is often used in designs in conjunction with diamonds and precious metals.
  • It is also used in conjunction with rubies, providing a color spectrum accompaniment to a featured ruby.

Rubellite includes a unique color spectrum, including a red wine-colored tone  Read more:

Rubellite prices and considerations

Rubellite can be a bit expensive. A price of $400 per carat for single stones, for example, isn’t uncommon. On the other side of the ledger, rubellite offers a truly fabulous range of design styles, and choices of gemstones.

Rubellite is very commonly used with other gemstones to create stunning multicolored designs. One of the most practical commercial uses of rubellite, in fact, is the sheer versatility of this gemstone in so many different types of Jewelry. From earrings to rings, to “design statement” major pieces of Jewelry, rubellite delivers real value.


Sourcing rubellite for jewelers and retailers

The obvious issue for jewelers and online retailers, therefore, is the best way of sourcing rubellite. The best way to research your supply options is to simply evaluate the range and scope of gemstones for sale. These are the inescapable market realities which define suppliers. A very broad range of sizes and different gemstone cuts is a reliable indicator of a good source.

RMC is the world’s biggest supplier of these fabulous gemstones. We have an extensive range of rubellite from which to choose. If you’d like to explore your choices, or speak to our friendly experts about your technical and commercial needs, we will be happy to assist.

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