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Tanzanite, the brilliant blue and multicolored gemstone

  • by Rajesh Kumar
Tanzanite, the brilliant blue and multicolored gemstone

Tanzanite is a surprisingly versatile designer gemstone with a range of colors from deep vibrant blue to violet and even pink. This is a particularly dazzling gemstone when cut and polished, with many facets and a stunning array of possible cuts.

Tanzanite as a designer gemstone

Tanzanite’s range of colors is created by vanadium mineralization. Colors vary from almost translucent to deeper shades. This gemstone has a fabulous array of different cuts which can look diamond-like in the number of facets.

These very beautiful characteristics give tanzanite a vast amount of scope in jewelry design. Tanzanite can be formed into any number of different styles, including larger designs using tanzanite as the centerpiece. It’s typically paired with gold, platinum, other precious metals, and contrasting gemstones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

The sheer range of design options is the defining key to tanzanite’s popularity with professional jewelers. This is an exceptionally versatile gemstone, and any search of “tanzanite jewelry” online will produce a staggering range of styles. 

Tanzanite prices and sourcing on the market

Tanzanite is relatively inexpensive compared to other gemstones, with prices typically ranging up to $400+ per carat, depending on the size of the gemstone and its color values.

The major issue with sourcing tanzanite is in fact its popularity. This is a high-demand gemstone, frequently sold out online.  Collections of tanzanite offer the common method of purchase, with a range of cuts from which to choose.

When sourcing tanzanite, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size: Size requirements must be factored in to your search for tanzanite. This gemstone is sold in all sizes. Some suppliers typically offer collections and have additional specialist services for sourcing top quality larger gemstones.
  • Quantity: If you require tanzanite gems in bulk, prices may vary considerably. It’s best to source from a supplier offering clear options for regular purchases in quantities.
  • Styles availability: This obvious issue can be a problem. Cut gemstones in various styles may naturally vary considerably in availability, and with high demand gemstones like tanzanite, getting specific styles can be problematic.
  • Supplier discounts and terms of sale: In the competitive gemstone market, supplier values are critical business issues. Look for consistent discounts and top quality service.
  • Supplier reliability: A very important but less obvious fact about sourcing tanzanite is that sourcing a very effective design gemstone requires reliable a proactive supplier.  It’s well worth locking in major league suppliers able to deliver a spectrum of tanzanite for design purposes.

Tanzanite, the brilliant blue and multicolored gemstone

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