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Unveiling the Checkerboard Cut: A Gemstone Faceting Marvel

  • by Rajesh Kumar
Unveiling the Checkerboard Cut: A Gemstone Faceting Marvel

When it comes to gemstone faceting, there's a unique and visually striking style that has been gaining attention – the Checkerboard Cut. At shoprmcgems.com, we're passionate about bringing you not only exquisite gemstones but also insights into the fascinating world of gem cutting.


What is a Checkerboard Cut?

A Checkerboard Cut is a faceting style applied exclusively to the crown and table of a gemstone, featuring a series of squares arranged like the iconic pattern on a checkerboard table. The pavilion of the gem can take on any cut style, but the table and crown are united in a domed checkerboard facet style. The orientation of the checkerboard may vary, either set east-west or diagonally, creating a dazzling array of squares reminiscent of diamonds.

While not a common faceting style, the Checkerboard Cut has the ability to produce remarkable scintillation and brilliance within a gemstone, especially in darker hues.

Gemstones Perfect for a Checkerboard Cut

The Checkerboard Cut knows no bounds when it comes to gemstone variety. It can be applied to translucent, transparent, or opaque gems, showcasing its versatility. This faceting style is often seen on medium-light gems such as aquamarines, morganites, tourmalines, amethysts, and quartz. While rounded squares or cushions are the preferred shapes, you can also find checkerboard cuts on ovals, pears, rectangles, though rarely on round gemstones.

Opaque gems with a checkerboard cut can add an intriguing touch, offering a unique alternative to the traditional smooth cabochon.

Can Diamonds Get a Checkerboard Cut?

Indeed, diamonds can be adorned with a checkerboard cut, presenting a look akin to a rose cut or double Dutch rose. However, it's essential to note that this cut yields less sparkle and brilliance compared to a step cut or brilliant cut. For those seeking a similar appearance with maximum fire, the Blaze cut by Bez Ambar is a noteworthy alternative. Designed specifically for vibrant rainbow colors, the Blaze cut on diamonds provides a captivating aesthetic without emphasizing brilliance.

Do Checkerboard Cuts Sparkle?

Contrary to sparkling cuts, gemstones with a checkerboard cut dazzle with flashes of light more reminiscent of brilliance, particularly in softer-colored stones. While they might not exhibit the traditional sparkle, checkerboard cuts bring out the best in gems like morganite and aquamarine, enhancing their brightness. In darker gemstones such as red garnets and blue sapphires, subtle flashes of light can still be observed.

For those in search of cuts that combine the aesthetics of a checkerboard with sparkling brilliance, step cuts on diamonds, moissanites, or cubic zirconia are worth exploring.

At shoprmcgems.com, we celebrate the artistry of gem cutting, offering you a curated collection that showcases the diversity of these stunning creations. Explore the world of gemstones with us, where each piece tells a unique story of craftsmanship and beauty.

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