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How to create your own Designer Custom Jewelry

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How to create your own Designer Custom Jewelry

It’s time to end some of the myths of top quality jewelry. Custom jewelry isn’t necessarily expensive. It can also be incredible fun, getting your favorite designs made. You can even have your own original designs custom made.

Why not have your own personalized designer supernova jewelry? Custom jewelry is a real joy. It’s perfect for someone special, a big occasion, and essential for personal style needs.

Modern jewelry design is starting what is basically a Renaissance. New, fascinating designs are springing up all over the jewelry world. These designs include new tech, and many new ideas.

That’s what custom jewelry is all about – Ideas, and lots of them. You may not be a jeweler, but you can turn your ideas into a fabulous work of designer art, if you know how.

Custom jewelry basics

For custom jewelry you need some basic materials and an understanding of the custom design process.
The absolute basics:

Understanding prices: Custom jewelry really doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get excellent top quality gems from suppliers with certification and excellent discounts. It’s a good idea to shop around to see what’s possible; you’ll be astonished at what’s available.

An image of your design: This is critical. A good jeweler can make a piece of designer jewelry for you which will be as good as a high-res photo. The image must be clear and most importantly, accurate, showing exactly what you want.
The design process: A custom jewelry design can be made to measure according to your vision. You can use a picture, or any personal design, and your jeweler will turn it into your fabulous designer jewelry for you.


Gemstone choices: The gems relate directly to design colors, gem cuts and motifs. Your jeweler can use loose gemstone collections to create the “pixels” of your design. These gemstones create the core design settings. (Be aware You have an infinite range of choices. Take your time to assess what you want for your design, and compare gemstone cuts and styles.)



Motifs: The word motif means “theme”. Many types of jewelry are based on themes using gems to create a design environment. Any type of gemstone and any color can be used to create a dazzling setting for your custom jewelry. This ring uses an elegant basic yellow theme to create a fabulous unique design.


Standout gemstones in custom designs: In many custom designs, a standout gem or mix of gems is the central feature. These larger gems will be a bit more expensive, but prices aren’t really hard to manage. Many top designers use a fascinating, (if sometimes baffling but brilliant), mix of stones. They match gems like diamonds, amethyst, emeralds and tourmaline to create color-scapes in their designs.

DIY custom jewelry? It’s possible. People have been designing and making jewelry since the Stone Age.  If you’re the creative type, (and many people are), a basic jewelry design course can give you a good practical guide to the core skills. Most importantly, you’ll learn “jewelry design language”, and have a clear understanding of the design process.

Now, the big secret about custom jewelry

The big secret is that jewelers love to make custom designs. They’re trained to design jewelry, and they love to work with design ideas. They can also help when you’re trying to turn your idea into a reality. Making custom jewelry really is fun and exciting. See what you can do, you’ll love it.



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