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Blue Tourmaline – A High Spectrum Symphony Of Color

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Blue Tourmaline – A High Spectrum Symphony Of Color

Blue tourmaline is an interesting gemstone. This isn't an "alternative sapphire". Quite the opposite. This is a completely different gemstone, with totally different characteristics. Like all tourmalines, blue tourmaline is actually a major league designer gemstone, valued for its versatility and excellent design options.

If you look at a range of blue tourmaline gemstones, the first thing you'll notice is that the light quality is very different. Blue tourmaline produces a very wide range of pale blue colors. These pale blues work very well with other gemstones in designs.

Blue is on the higher end of the color spectrum. So if you're a jeweler, incorporating blue into a color design, it's critically important to select a gemstone which will contrast and complement the other colors. That's exactly what blue tourmaline does, and does it exceptionally well.

You’ll also notice a blue–green part of the blue tourmaline spectrum. This is a unique characteristic of tourmalines. Other tourmalines, notably green tourmalines, also have a blue component in some variants. This color spectrum versatility is exactly why blue tourmaline and other tourmalines are so useful in high-end jewelry. They quite literally do go with everything.

Shopping for blue tourmaline gemstones

Because tourmaline is such a high demand gemstone, finding what you want can be a bit difficult. Prices can vary a lot, and even the basics like trying to find the right cut of gemstone may require a little research.

The best way to track down blue tourmaline is:

  1. Explore a range of gemstones. Note the prices, carat size, and range of cuts. You only need to check out a few gemstones of different sizes and types to establish a base for comparison.
  2. Compare with other online deals. This may seem unnecessarily obvious, but you'll be surprised at the very wide disparity in prices. These variances in price can cost you a lot of money. One of the reasons for this range in prices is that many jewelers carry limited stocks, and therefore price higher.
  3. Check availability of different cuts and styles. The wider the selection available, the better. If an online retailer has very few options, you're unlikely to find what you want easily.
  4. Discounts do matter. Random occasional discounts and one-off deals aren't much an indication of finding a good deal. Regular discounts, trade discounts, and other offers are more indicative of highly competitive pricing.

Important, always bear this in mind when shopping: Consistent good prices and good customer support are reliable indicators of a good supplier. Information provided by jewelry suppliers should be straightforward, easy to understand, and consistent. Terms of sale should also be very clear, including refunds, gemstone certification, and all the other basics.

RMC is here to help with all your jewelry shopping needs. Whether you're a business or a consumer, we can help you with everything you need. We provide practical customer support for all our clients. We also just happen to be the largest tourmaline supplier in the world. If you're looking for blue tourmaline, just ask us.


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