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Chrome Tourmaline, a fabulous gemstone in many colors

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Chrome Tourmaline, a fabulous gemstone in many colors

Chrome tourmaline is so-called due to its beautiful shine and lustrous look. This extraordinary gemstone looks somewhat like an emerald, and is approximately the same price. It is cut in a very wide range of different styles, from teardrop to cushion to octagonal and other geometric shapes.

The sheer range and scope of chrome tourmaline design is one of the major reasons for very high demand for this exceptional gemstone. Tourmaline is very popular with jewelers and jewelry designers for the extraordinary range of different facet styles which are possible with this gemstone.

Chrome tourmaline is a very good example. One of the major issues for jewelers is the need to cut the gemstone into appropriate matching styles. This gemstone can be cut Into a truly staggering range of facets and styles. It's a true all-rounder, providing excellent color and design flexibility sparkling with inner light. It is frequently used with very high quality gemstone designs. It's particularly good complementing its colors with diamond pattern designs and very high-end custom jewelry.

The best way to find the right chrome tourmaline

Due to high demand, chrome tourmaline can be a bit hard to find, particularly if you're looking for specific sizes and styles. This is particularly the case for larger carat gemstones. These very useful bigger gemstones aren't all that common, so you really will need to check your sources.

Another significant issue for sourcing chrome tourmaline is price. A six carat chrome tourmaline stone may cost as much as $3000, and that's a very good price. So whether you're looking for a civic piece of jewelry or a top quality gemstone for design purposes, it's important to do your homework first.

Best practice:

  • The best way to price top quality gemstones is from the upper end of the market. This may seem slightly counterintuitive, but competition is ferocious at the high end of the jewelry market. Good prices are good business, and you can definitely get better deals with a bit of research.
  • If you're looking for larger carat gemstones, make sure that the supplier stocks gems in your size range. The simple fact is that many online jewelry suppliers do not carry a very wide range of sizes or styles.
  • Discount deals can make a big This applies mainly to jewelry businesses, but can also be very useful for consumers. Some online suppliers can offer very good discount deals on a regular basis. Many online suppliers, however, only occasionally offer discounts for "remnants" sales. You can save a lot of money with a good regular discount.

RMC is here to help with a fantastic range of chrome tourmaline gemstones and expert help and support. We are happy to provide any information you need about acquisition, sourcing specific gemstones, and we also offer practical guidance for jewelry businesses.

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