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Emerald – The legendary ancient gemstone

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Emerald – The legendary ancient gemstone

Emeralds have an unparalleled history in jewelry. This fabulous gemstone is best known as royal jewelry and is used as a high-status gem in every culture in the world. Emerald is almost as hard as diamond, and sometimes even more expensive.

Emeralds come in a range of colors from classic green to blue and blueish-green and yellow. The different colors are caused by different types of mineralization.

Emeralds are cut into a staggering range of different types of shapes and sizes. There are also non-gemstone emeralds, often used in costume and other types of jewelry.

Emerald prices

Emeralds are unusual in the gemstone market. Unlike diamonds, emeralds can be truly gigantic, the size of a human hand. High-quality emeralds in this bracket are incredibly expensive, due to their rarity.

In the mainstream market, top-quality emeralds are typically priced at approximately $900 – $1000 per carat.

A few pointers about prices:

  • Price is fundamentally based on gemstone quality.
  • Cut gemstones include the cost of cutting and design.
  • The type of gemstone cut, like "radiant cut", a very complex multifaceted design, also affects the price.
  • Gemstone certification is advised for expensive purchases. Reputable suppliers typically include an offer of certification.

Looking for emeralds online

Online shopping for emeralds can be hard work. Emeralds are so popular that the sheer amount of browsing required can be difficult.

Some tips for looking for emeralds:

  • If you're looking for single emeralds, have a clear price range in mind. The very rough figure of $1000 per carat is a simple baseline figure.
  • Do NOT commit prematurely to a significant purchase. Make sure to consider and compare
  • You don't have to be a jewelry expert. You do have to check the descriptions of gems offered for sale. In particular, note terms of sale. The best suppliers offer refunds and certifications as standard practice.
  • Discounts are the best way to get the best deal. For such expensive gemstones, getting a good deal is essential. This is a very competitive market, and you really shouldn't have to pay one cent more than absolutely necessary.

… Now the really good news about buying emeralds

Emeralds are true designer gemstones. They are as elegant as diamonds, and can be mounted in incredibly beautiful pieces of Jewellery. The story here is that these brilliant emeralds are well worth as much as you pay for them.

Even small emeralds are often mounted in dazzling designs, surrounded by diamonds. Emeralds look fantastic with gold, platinum, and other precious metals. If you're considering purchasing an emerald forecast on Jewellery, you'll find a whole new world of design possibilities. Take your time, talk to the experts, and you will find a beautiful emerald.

RMC is here to help you find the perfect emerald. We are one of the world's largest suppliers and distributors of gemstones to jewelers and the public. If you're looking for emeralds, all you need to do is talk to us. We will be happy to assist and provide you with all the practical guidance, support and information you need we also provide gemstone certification upon request. Contact us or call us online for any help you need.

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