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Alexandrite – One of the rarest and strangest gemstones

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Alexandrite – One of the rarest and strangest gemstones

Alexandrite is a color-changing gemstone. An old saying says it's like an "emerald by day and like a  ruby by night". Discovered in 1830 in Russia, the gem was named after Emperor Alexander III, the Czar of Russia in 1839.

The natural gemstone has a unique range of natural color. Colors are sometimes pale, sometimes deep, ranging from blue, to the famous classic alexandrite green, to almost translucent in natural light.

Changing color

Alexandrite changes color in red light frequencies. The percentage of color change varies according to the purity of the gemstone. Some alexandrite gemstones can change color 100%, for example. In artificial lighting, alexandrite can become a real light show.

It's a truly glamorous gem, and was an absolute sensation in fashionable Europe when it was discovered. These days, it's a very much upmarket gem, with even a half carat gemstone costing around $500 – $1250, depending on purity and quality.

Alexandrite in the market – Finding what you want

Relative rarity and very demanding standards for quality can make finding genuine alexandrite a particularly tough task. This task is made a bit more difficult by the fact that "lab grown" alexandrite is also on the market, but much cheaper.

For real alexandrite gemstones, there is some useful metrics – The degree of color change is a pretty reliable indicator of market value. Pure alexandrite gemstones are quite rare, and 100% color change is the ultimate indicator of purity.

There are some real caveats when shopping for alexandrite:

  • Gemstone certification is a very good idea. Industry-standard certification gemstones is good protection for buyers.
  • Sourcing from reputable Jewellery suppliers is a basic precaution.
  • Comparing values with alexandrite gemstone isn't easy; it's advisable to compare a range of bandwidth of prices.
  • Major league suppliers are the best starting point for valuations. Alexandrite prices can vary according to availability, quality, and, of course, sourcing prices for suppliers, which can also v in a high vary quite a lot.

Alexandrite prices

Prices for genuine alexandrite can vary considerably. This is a case of matching budget to purchasing power. It is a very good idea to explore all your purchasing options in a bandwidth of prices.

The good news for purchasers is that it is quite possible to get a very good deal. This depends on the supplier, discounts offered, and naturally, the range of gemstones available.

In the very competitive online Jewellery market, pricing is a type of precision targeting. Major league suppliers, in particular, are extremely competitive. That means you always have a very good chance of sourcing top quality gemstones at decent prices.

Good communications, or in fact, are the best option for getting the best deals. When sourcing your alexandrite, it's a good idea to talk directly to the supplier. Professional-standard advice and information is the quickest, most efficient way to find what you want. has a truly fabulous range of alexandrite, with all the expert support you need to find the very best gemstones. Give us a call or contact us online, and we'll be happy to assist.

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