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July Birthstone – The astonishing ruby, an ancient royal gem

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July Birthstone – The astonishing ruby, an ancient royal gem

Ruby is almost synonymous with royal jewelry. It’s been used for thousands of years by royalty as a very high-value, high prestige symbol of wealth and power.

Ruby as a birthstone

Over the millennia, ruby has also become a potent symbol of many things. In India, its characteristics included youthful vitality and in context with its royal associations, power. Other beliefs include foretelling danger and bad luck. Ruby is also believed to cure inflammations, and anger, a “hot” emotion.

Ruby in jewelry design

Ruby is so much a part of major jewelry designs it’s almost ubiquitous. Many ancient crowns contain rubies, often extremely large gems.  The Black Prince’s crown in the UK has one of the largest rubies ever mounted. Rubies are also commonly paired with diamonds in jewelry design, a legacy of royal crowns, tiaras and similar design motifs.

Shopping for rubies? Things you need to know

To this day, ruby is in high demand, too. Ruby can be one of the most beautiful, and expensive, gemstones on the market. Shopping for rubies, however, can be quite demanding.

This extremely popular gemstone’s price is typically based on authenticity, the type of ruby, color, gemstone quality, and size. Prices therefore vary enormously, so when you're looking for a birthstone, you will need to educate yourself about all these factors.

The basics:

Types of rubies: Rubies vary from large natural gemstones to an almost baffling range of types. Different types may include "hybrid" glass-filled rubies, small and large collections of different types and styles of gemstone cuts, light and dark rubies, and more.

The ruby spectrum:  The classic Ruby spectrum varies from pale gemstones to very dark gemstones, including the legendary "pigeons blood" very valuable rubies. Please be aware that the quality of the gemstone is the defining price factor.

Ruby gemstone cutting styles: Rubies are cut into an extraordinary range of styles. Complex and multifaceted gemstone cuts add value, but will also add to the prices.

Market prices: Ruby prices are not always expensive, but market prices for rubies do include bandwidths of pricing, depending on the suppliers. The quickest and easiest way to get a clear picture of prices is to explore the larger ranges available online.

The size of gemstones is always important: It is quite common for gemstone buyers to overlook size measurements. Good suppliers will always show the measurements of gemstones in millimetres.

If you're looking for a ruby for a birthstone, you will definitely have a fabulous range from which to choose. For more expensive purchases, gemstone certification is easily available. Take your time, explore all your purchasing choices, and you will find exactly what you want.

If you'd like some help finding the perfect ruby birthstone, RMC is here to help with expert advice and support. We are a leading gemstone supplier, and we will be happy to assist you with any guidance you require. Just give us a call or contact us online at any time.

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