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May Birthstone – Beautiful Emeralds

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May Birthstone – Beautiful Emeralds

The May birthstone, emerald, is one of the ancient traditional gemstones. The use of emeralds as gemstones dates back to ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was known as a collector of emeralds for royal jewelry. The Incas, Romans, and Spanish also used emeralds in royal jewelry.

Emeralds come in an extraordinary range of shades of green. The color spectrum can vary from very deep green to a pale, almost blue sea green.

Emeralds as a birthstone

The original meaning of the word "emerald" literally means "nothing greener". Emeralds also have a reputation as a mystic gemstone, believed to ward off disease, relieve stress, and even make wearers more intelligent and see the future!

Emeralds as designer jewelry

The other major asset of emeralds, of course, is their fantastic aesthetic value. These very versatile gemstones can be cut into a staggering range of styles. Typically emerald is paired with gold, other precious metals, and other gemstones to create dazzling designs.

In modern jewelry design, emeralds are often used as centrepieces, surrounded by diamonds or other gemstones. Standalone emeralds are sometimes made into exotic patterns, including traditional Celtic triskelions, multi-gemstone necklaces, and highly advanced designs.

Shopping for emeralds online

The critical things to know when shopping online for emeralds are:

  • The emerald price range is based on the quality and size of the gemstone. Emeralds on the market may vary from basic stones to beautifully cut and polished finished gemstones. Prices vary accordingly, and large, high-quality emeralds are therefore more expensive.
  • Gemstones are sold by measurement. You should see a clear indication of size in millimetres on any website. (Some consumers don't know this, and are disappointed by the size of the gemstones. This is a very basic mistake, to be avoided.)
  • Discounts for emeralds can be very good. You really don't (and shouldn't) have to pay top dollar for a good emerald. For example, a large 4-carat cut and polished emerald may normally retail for as much as $1400. You should be able to find a discount on that price.
  • Bear in mind that the smaller loose gemstones advertised for sale online are only examples, and may vary. For larger single gemstones, what you see should be exactly what you get.
  • Major jewelry suppliers online are the best places to look. They will give you an excellent general overview of prices, types of emeralds, and styles. This will also help you to compare prices.
  • Gemstone certification for larger emeralds is routine best practice. Good suppliers will provide certification upon request. This is a very useful option if you are purchasing large, valuable gemstones.

RMC can help

If you're trying to find emeralds for personal jewelry, custom jewelry, or intending them for use as gemstones for custom design, talk to us. RMC is one of the world's largest suppliers of gemstones, and we ship worldwide. If you'd like to talk to us about sourcing your emeralds, we'll be happy to help. Just talk to our experts, and ask us for any support or guidance you need.



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