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November Birthstone - Beautiful Topaz and Citrine

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November Birthstone - Beautiful Topaz and Citrine

November has two birthstones, and they are very interesting gems. Topaz has a very long history, including Imperial gemstones and an almost complete color spectrum from which to choose. Citrine is a yellow crystal gemstone used for thousands of years in jewelry, and very popular with new age crystal collections.

Topaz as a birthstone

Topaz is believed to offer strength, protection from magic spells, reduce anger, long life, beauty and intellect. That's a pretty good range of characteristics for any gemstone, and it is a particularly beautiful gemstone.

Citrine as a birthstone

Citrine looks very much like yellow topaz. Ancient cultures considered it in much the same way as Topaz, specifically for calming the wearer, a sort of ancient "anger management".

Topaz and citrine in jewelry design

These two fabulous gemstones are extremely popular and ubiquitous in jewelry design. Neither gemstone is particularly expensive, and they do offer a fantastic range of jewelry design uses.

For example – Topaz includes some truly magnificent gemstones, in an exceptionally broad range of cuts. The justly famous blue topaz is a good example, and look at the prices! Quite large gemstones are well within anyone's budget, and the custom jewelry design options are endless.

Citrine is quite similar in terms of price and range of jewelry design options. Citrine also comes in many colors but is best known for its bright, cheerful yellow gemstones. Citrine is also popular with designers for its beautiful multifaceted gemstone cuts, which are used in some truly dazzling jewelry designs.

Finding topaz and citrine online

Topaz and citrine are easy to find online, but there's a problem. "Too much information" is the usual issue. You may find yourself browsing a lot of different gemstones for hours. We have a few tips for you:

  • The size of the gemstone is extremely important. Be sure to check measurements. You should see three-dimensional measurements in millimeters.
  • The cut and style of the gemstone are also very important. Typically, gemstones are sold in sizes, categories, and styles.
  • What you see is what you are supposed to get when you purchase. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Lower-end retailers and unscrupulous suppliers can make life difficult for buyers. It's best to speak to larger suppliers.
  • The biggest range of gemstones is always the best guide to prices. Generally speaking, the larger suppliers also offer highly competitive prices. So you will be able to get a pretty accurate idea of what's a good deal and what's not.
  • Large gemstones may be priced according to quality and style, as well as size. With cut gemstones, you're also paying for the work in creating the design. This can add significantly to the price, so compare your options.

RMC has a huge, fantastic range of topaz and citrine for you. If you'd like to find out more about these wonderful gemstones or enquire about a purchase, talk to us. We'll be happy to provide any information you require, gemstone certification upon request, and any support you need. (We also have great prices on these beautiful gemstones, so come and browse!)

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