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September Birthstone – Sapphire, The Legendary Blue Gemstone

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September Birthstone – Sapphire, The Legendary Blue Gemstone

Sapphire is the instant natural word associated with blue gemstones. This ancient gemstone is typically associated with royalty and is common in some of the world's most famous jewelry designs.

Sapphire is even a mystical gemstone, believed to protect wearers from harm and to symbolize heaven. It was widely believed to have healing powers during the Black Plague.


Sapphire as a birthstone

As a birthstone, sapphire symbolises truth, faith, and sincerity. It is also believed in some cultures to represent good luck. Sapphire remains an extremely popular gemstone to this day, both for its beauty and its elegance.

Sapphire jewelry, an overview for buyers

Sapphire is so widely used in all types of jewelry that we need to establish a few basic facts about these fabulous gemstones:

  • Sapphire does come in other colors, including yellow! There are also red sapphires, purple sapphires, orange sapphires, and an almost infinite range of shades of blue.
  • Sapphire is extremely popular in jewelry design. Sapphire is widely used in upmarket custom designer jewelry, particularly modern jewelry, in a very broad range of different styles and cuts.
  • Sapphire can be purchased in a very broad range of sizes. If you're looking for sapphire gemstones, prepare to be astonished at the range of choices available.
  • Sapphire prices relate strongly to gemstone quality, as well as size. Some people find it confusing to see sapphires of almost the same carat size at widely differing prices.
  • Sapphire gemstone certification is a good option for significant purchases. Like many other high-value gemstones, artificial sapphires are common in the marketplace, and it is no problem to ask reputable jewelers to provide certification.

Browsing sapphires

Browsing a collection of sapphires is a fascinating experience. If you're looking for sapphires for a present, or as part of a custom jewelry design, you will see some truly magnificent gemstones.

Most people, in fact, find that the only real problem with browsing sapphires is making a decision!

Tips for browsing sapphires:

  • Systematically search for your preferences according to price. This is the quickest and simplest way to narrow down your purchasing choices within your budget. It's also a very reliable way of evaluating market prices and comparing your purchasing options.
  • Are discounts available? They should be. This is a ferociously competitive industry, and you should see a range of discount choices. Many top suppliers offer consistent discounts across their ranges. This is a good indicator of a major league supplier able to source a very wide range of gemstones.
  • Are you trying to find something really special? Whatever the gemstone, this can be a bit of a problem. The main problem is availability. Sapphires in particular tend to have extremely high turnover rates due to their popularity. It may be best to speak directly to the supplier and order in advance.

SHOPRMCGEMS is here to help with expert service, practical guidance, and dependable support when you need it. Ask us about gemstone certification, advance ordering of special gemstones, and more. We will be happy to assist.


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