Green tourmaline – Versatile light from stunning gemstones
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Green tourmaline – Versatile light from stunning gemstones

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Green tourmaline – Versatile light from stunning gemstones

Green tourmaline ranges in color from beautiful pale greens to stunning blues. This is an unusual gemstone in several ways. Like all tourmalines, it can be cut In almost any standard jewelry design, but this gemstone offers a very wide range of color and spectrum possibilities.

The mid-range blue and green spectrum is particularly useful for designers. These very elegant stones are ideal design elements in high-end jewelry. Unlike other blue and green gemstones, green tourmaline also has a level of transparency, refracting light very effectively.

This is an important design consideration. Many gemstones are famous for their interaction with light, like diamonds, but accompanying gemstones also need to display well, matching the diamonds. Not all gemstones can do this, but green tourmaline can.

Green tourmaline is also a standalone designer gemstone. The full spectrum of green tourmaline ranges from olive to deep blue. This is a very good mid-range spectrum, ideal for matching with gold and platinum law as a single designer piece.

Quality and price

Green tourmaline is best described as a professional designer’s gemstone. Quality is extremely important, it and quality considerations include everything from color to types of mineralization and crystal formation.

Due to availability, high demand, and the need to source very high quality gemstones, it's well worth your time to check out your buying options thoroughly. You will see a surprisingly wide range of prices for green tourmaline, even for smaller gemstones.

Green tourmaline prices vary considerably, and the price variations are based on quality. A 7 carat octagon gemstone at around $2500 is considered a good price.

Shopping for green tourmaline

As with all gemstones, best practice when shopping for green tourmaline is to build your knowledge base. You need to be able to make an informed decision regarding purchases to get the best value for money. Usually, it is best to start at the very top of the market. You'll be able to gauge prices and values for larger gemstones, and compare quality and prices.

With green tourmaline, however, because the stone is so regularly used in jewelry designs with other gems and precious metals you can also:

  • Evaluate different sizes and styles of green tourmaline as a design element in direct relation to prices.
  • See how green tourmaline is used as a standalone jewelry design and check out the price bandwidths.
  • Compare suppliers, and see the difference in price ranges.

The reason for doing this little bit of extra homework is that you will see some interesting disparities. Large-scale suppliers and retailers with large ranges of green tourmaline invariably offer much better deals. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on specific gemstones, that's a very good thing to know. (This is also have jewelry businesses find the right suppliers.)

RMC is a green tourmaline specialist wholesale and retail supplier. We have the largest range of tourmalines in the world, and if you're looking for green tourmaline, all you need to do is talk to us. Just ask our experts for any help you need.

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