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February Birthstone – Amethyst, The Royal Gemstone

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February Birthstone – Amethyst, The Royal Gemstone

Amethyst is a traditional gemstone, used in royal jewelry since ancient times. Amethyst is famous for its purple color, but also includes fabulous green gems and even pink colored stones.

Amethyst is also well-known for its fantastic geodes which are very much part of the “crystal culture” of New Age healing. Amethyst is also very popular in upmarket jewelry, with jewelers including Cartier creating dazzling works of art.

Amethyst as a birthstone

Amethyst was believed by the ancient Greeks to protect against drunkenness. It is also believed to confer quick-wittedness and savvy in warfare and business. During the Renaissance, it was even believed to calm the passions of lovers. In some parts of the world it’s believed that as a birthstone it symbolizes personal strength and empowerment.

Amethyst in jewelry design

Amethyst is famous, and rightly so, as a designer jewel. Its unique color range and the availability of very large gemstones is one of the keys to success. Amethyst gemstones can be cut into an astonishing range of shapes and sizes. One type of amethyst, called ametrine, is also bicolored, with a purple to yellow spectrum ideal for advanced jewelry design.

Finding the right amethyst online

One of the major issues for jewelers and consumers when trying to source amethyst is the incredible range and variety of gemstones online. This is more than a bit of a problem, mainly because the size, quality, and cut of the gemstones are all key factors in selection.

The best way to find the right amethyst is:

  • Look at big ranges of amethysts. A large range of gemstones in all shapes and sizes will give you an excellent overview of prices and quality, as well as a better range of choices.
  • When looking for amethysts, also look at the color ranges. Green amethysts, Brazilian, pink, bicolored, and African amethysts are all well worth exploring. You'll be amazed by the sheer scope and beauty of these gemstones.
  • Price does It is quite possible to get excellent deals on Amethyst gemstones of all shapes and sizes, but prices can vary a lot, particularly for larger gemstones. Be fussy, be highly selective, and you will get a good deal for top quality gemstones.
  • Be sure to check out the range of cuts and designs available. If a supplier doesn't have a wide range of cuts and designs, why not? A good supplier should be able to provide you with any type of cattle design you want.
  • You may need a bit of help with custom-designed jewelry. Remember that the gemstones you see online are examples only. If you're looking for amethysts for a custom design, it’s best to speak directly to the professionals.

ShopRmcGems offers a huge range of fabulous amethysts. We are one of the largest jewelry suppliers in the world, and we can always help when you're looking for special jewelry. Just ask our experts for any advice, guidance, or support you need, we’re always happy to help.

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