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RMC birthstones March - Beautiful Aquamarine and gorgeous Bloodstone

  • by Rajesh Kumar
RMC birthstones March - Beautiful Aquamarine and gorgeous Bloodstone

Aquamarine and bloodstain are two legendary gemstones, dating back thousands of years. They are very different gemstones. Aquamarine is famous for its unique color, and bloodstone is a multicolored gem.

Aquamarine as a birthstone

Over the millennia, aquamarine has acquired many different meanings. Some cultures believe it brings happiness in marriage, others that it makes people quick-witted, good-natured, and even invincible.

Bloodstone as a birthstone

Similarly, bloodstone also has multiple meanings. It is believed to promote health and youth, luck, strength, and even invisibility! Bloodstone is a darker, less translucent or sometimes bluish green, with multicolored inclusions, usually red.

Aquamarine and bloodstone in jewelry design

Both of these gemstones are commonly used in jewelry design, from small basic jewelry to top-of-the-line designer masterpieces. Aquamarine is commonly used as a centrepiece in upscale jewelry design, frequently shared with diamonds, and other high-value gems. Bloodstone is more commonly used as a single gemstone, often on rings, earrings, or in combinations of bloodstones for necklaces.

Shopping for aquamarine and bloodstone online

If you're shopping for these two birthstones online, you will find a world of difference. Aquamarine is sold in a truly vast range of styles and designs. Prices can vary quite a lot, depending on the size of the gemstone. Bloodstone, in contrast, is typically sold in single pieces, mounted or unmounted.

With both gemstones, you will notice a fantastic range of choices. This can be a bit of a problem for consumers; too many choices! The best option is to be patient, browse your gemstones, and check out prices before making any commitments.

Major jewelry suppliers are your best and quickest option for researching these gemstones. You will see a wider selection, you will have more options for comparison, and you will also get a very clear picture of prices.

When shopping:

  1. Look for discounts. Good suppliers will be offering a consistent range of discounts throughout their stock. The good news for consumers is that discounts are very common in the ferocious online jewelry market, and you should be able to get a very good deal.
  2. Remember that nearly all online images of gemstones are examples only. This is a frequent source of annoyance for online buyers. The image represents the type of gemstone, not the actual gemstone, unless it is a specific single gemstone for sale.
  3. You can always just ask about the gemstones you want. Simple as it seems, many people don't go that extra step to simply ask about purchasing a gemstone. Suppliers will be able to provide you with any information you need.
  4. Gemstone measurements are very important. You should see a size description in millimetres. Online imagery can sometimes be a bit too good, and unintentionally misleading, looking fabulous, but providing a misleading impression of gemstone size.

RMC is right here when you need us for information, advice and support. If you're looking for birthstones for a present for yourself, just call us. Our experts will be happy to assist with practical help for you to get the perfect birthstone.

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